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SIEMENS Servo Motor Repair - SIEMENS Servo Repair

  • • Your ultimate destination to repair your SIEMENS Servo Motor
  • • 1 year in service warranty on your SIEMENS servo motor.
  • • Before releasing the SIEMENS motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • • Trust only your SIEMENS Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported SIEMENS Servo Motor Manufacturers

  1FT7 084-5AF7   1FT7 084-5AH7
  1FT7 086-5AC7   1FT7 086-5AF7
  1FT7 102-5AB7   1FT7 102-5AC7
  1FT7 102-5AF7   1FT7 105-5AB7
  1FT7 105-5AC7   1FT7 105-5AF7
  1FT7 108-5AB7   1FT7 108-5AC7
  1GF5184-OWE41-6HUS-Z   1GG5114-0GF41-4
  1GH2224-0BJ1-Z   1HU3054-0AF01
  1HU30540AF01-0ZZ9Z   1HU3054-OAF01
  1HU30560AC01   1HU3056-OAF01-0ZZ9
  1HU3058-0AC01   1HU30580AC01Z
  1HU3070-0AF02-Z   1HU3074-OAC01-0ZZ9-Z
  1HU3076-0AC01   1HU3076-0AC1
  1HU3076-0AF01-0ZZ9   1HU3076-0AF01Z
  1HU3076-OAC01-Z   1HU3076-OAC-01-Z
  1HU3076OA-C01Z   1HU3078-0AC01
  1HU30780AF01Z   1HU3078-OAC01-Z
  1HU3078-OAF01-Z   1HU3102-0AD01-Z
  1HU3102-0AH01-Z   1HU3103-0AF01
  1HU3104-0AD01-Z   1HU3104-0AD01-ZN
  1HU3104-0AH01-Z   1HU3104-OAD01ZN
  1HU3106-0AH01-Z   1HU3106-0SH01-0ZZ9
  1HU3108-0AD01-Z   1HU3108-OAD01-Z
  1HU50400A-C01Z   1HU5040-0AF02Z
  1HU5040-0AF02-Z   1HU5044-0AF01-Z
  1HU5044-0AF02-Z   1LA50804BA99Z
  1P6FX2001-3AC50V23465-H2500-L595   1PA6186-4HF00-0EA3
  1PH2186-6WB41   1PH5167-4CF49-Z
  1PH6135-4NG44-Z   1PH6137-4NB49-Z
  1PH6137-4NB49-Z?   1PH6137-4NF49-Z
  1PH6163-4NB46-Z   1PH6163-4NB49-Z
  1PH6163-4NB49-Z?   1PH6206-4CE40Z
  1PH7 101-2NFX2   1PH7 103-2NGX2
  1PH7 105-2NFX2   1PH7 107-2NFX2
  1PH7 131-2NFX2   1PH7 133-2NDX2
  1PH7 133-2NGX2   1PH7 137-2NDX2
  1PH7 137-2NGX2   1PH7 163-2NDX3
  1PH7 163-2NFX3   1PH7 163-2NFX3
  1PH7 167-2NFX3   1PH7 167-2NFX3
  1PH71012HF030B   1PH71032DH030B
  1PH71032HF030B   1PH71052HF030B
  1PH7105-2NF02-0BA0   1PH71072DH030B
  1PH71072HF030B   1PH71072RF020BJ
  1PH7131-2EF03-0BA9   1PH7131-2EF03-OBA9
  1PH71312HF030B   1PH7131-2NF00-0CJ0
  1PH71332DH030B   1PH71332HF030B
  1PH7133-2JF02-02KB3   1PH71352HF030B
  1PH71372DH030B   1PH71372HF030B
  1PH7137-2ND32-OBK3   1PH7137-2NG02-0BJ0
  1PH71632HD030B   1PH71632HF030B
  1PH7163-2RF03-0BB0   1PH7167-2EG03-0BK8
  1PH7167-2EG03-0DJ8   1PH71672HD030B
  1PH71672HF030B   1PH7183-7AF030BAO
  1PL6186-7AF030AA0   1PL6186-7AF030AAO
  2CW6144-8   6FC5548-0AB03
  6FC5548-0AB03   6FC5548-0AB06
  6FC5548-0AB06   6FC5548-0AB08
  6FC5548-0AB08   6FC5548-0AB12
  6FC5548-0AB12   6FC5548-0AB18
  6FC5548-0AB18   6FC5548-0AB18-B5
  6FC5548-0AB18-B5   6FC5548-0AB25
  6FC5548-0AB25   6FC5548-0AB25-B5
  6FC5548-0AB25-B5   6FX2001-5QP12
  6SN2155-0AA20   6SN2155-0AA20
  B23465-H-1024-K201   HU3058-0AC01-Z
  J896   L-606-0014

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