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MITSUBISHI Servo Motor Repair - MITSUBISHI Servo Repair

  • • Your ultimate destination to repair your MITSUBISHI Servo Motor
  • • 1 year in service warranty on your MITSUBISHI servo motor.
  • • Before releasing the MITSUBISHI motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • • Trust only your MITSUBISHI Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported MITSUBISHI Servo Motor Manufacturers

  SJ-30XBM   SJ-37BP
  SJ-4-11XW8Z   SJ-4-18.5BW4
  SJ-4-PMB02010-00   SJ-4-PMB02010-A0
  SJ-4-PMB02010T-00   SJ-4-PMB03090-00
  SJ-4-PMB04412-00   SJ-4-PMB04412-A0
  SJ-4-PMB04412T-A0   SJ-4-PMB50003-00
  SJ-4-PMB50003T-01   SJ-4-V11-20M
  SJ-4-V22-21M   SJ-4-V26-12FZT (C160F)
  SJ-4-V5.5-04T   SJ-4-V7.5-15T (C90F)
  SJ-4-VKRS30-10ZM   SJ-4-VKRS30-12FZM
  SJ-4-VKS15-13ZT   SJ-4-VS26-08ZM-S01
  SJ-4B4221TKH   SJ-4B4333DH
  SJ-4B4342TK   SJ-4B4346TDH
  SJ-4B4422DH   SJ-4B4422T-DH
  SJ-4B4422TDH   SJ-4B4520K
  SJ-4B4622TD   SJ-4B6607KH
  SJ-4B6607TKH   SJ-4B6710KH
  SJ-4B6712   SJ-4B6712T
  SJ-4B6714   SJ-4B6714T
  SJ-4B6911K   SJ-4B6913K
  SJ-4B6913TK   SJ-4B8D01TK
  SJ-5.5A   SJ-5.5AW5ZM
  SJ-5.5BP/BM   SJ-5.5XBM
  SJ-5.5XW8 (B112F)   SJ-7.5AP
  SJ-7.5LHM (B100F)   SJ-7.5XBM
  SJ-7.5XP   SJ-7.5XW
  SJ-7.5XWU   SJ-9A (B112F)
  SJ-9AM   SJ-J3.7A
  SJ-J5.5A (A112F)   SJ-J7.5A
  SJ-K15XB   SJ-K15XBM
  SJ-K22XBM   SJ-K22XZ
  SJ-K26XB   SJ-K26XZ
  SJ-K5.5XBM   SJ-K7.5XBM
  SJ-N0.4A   SJ-N0.4AG
  SJ-N0.4AM   SJ-N0.75AGM
  SJ-N1.5AGM   SJ-N1.5AM
  SJ-N11-05Z   SJ-N2.2A
  SJ-N2.2AM   SJ-N3.7AM
  SJ-N4X   SJ-N5.5A
  SJ-N5.5AM   SJ-N5.5AM-S01 (A112F)
  SJ-N5.5XZM   SJ-N7.5A
  SJ-N7.5AG   SJ-NL1.5-03 (A71F)
  SJ-P0.4A   SJ-P0.4AG
  SJ-P0.4AT   SJ-P1.5A
  SJ-P1.5AG   SJ-P2.2AM
  SJ-PF1.5-02G   SJ-PF1.5-03GZ
  SJ-PF11-01Z (B112F)   SJ-PF2.2-01
  SJ-PF3.7   SJ-PF3.7-01
  SJ-PF3.7-01-S01   SJ-PF3.7-01Z
  SJ-PF3.7-01Z-S03   SJ-PF5.5-01-U01
  SJ-PF7.5-01   SJ-PL7.5-04-U01
  SJ-PMB012004-00   SJ-PMB01415-OC
  SJ-PMB01425-A1   SJ-PMB02010-A0
  SJ-PMB02215-00   SJ-PMB03909-00
  SJ-PMB04412-00   SJ-PMB04412-A0
  SJ-PMB09607-00   SJ-PMB12004 (SQT100)
  SJ-PMB25604-01   SJ-S26XW5BM
  SJ-SK26XBM   SJ-V11-01-U02
  SJ-V11-06ZT   SJ-V15-02
  SJ-V15-02-U01 (B160F)   SJ-V15-02-U02
  SJ-V18.5-02   SJ-V18.5-02-U01
  SJ-V26-01M   SJ-V26-01ZM-S04
  SJ-V26-02   SJ-V3.7-01GM
  SJ-V5.5-03M-U02   SJ-V7.5-08M
  SJ-VK15-07ZM   SJ-VK30-03-U01
  SJ-VK60-08   SJ-VKRS30-04ZM
  SJ-VKRS30-08ZM (B112F)   SJ-VKS15-06ZM
  SJ-VKS15-06ZM-S01   SJ-VKS26-09ZM-S02
  SJ-VKS26-09ZM-S06   SJ-VKS26-09ZT-S05
  SJ-VKS30-16ZM-S02   SJ-VL1.5-03M (A71F)
  SJ-VS11-06ZM   SJ-VS26-01M-S01

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