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BAUMULLER Servo Motor Repair - BAUMULLER Servo Repair

  • • Your ultimate destination to repair your BAUMULLER Servo Motor
  • • 1 year in service warranty on your BAUMULLER servo motor.
  • • Before releasing the BAUMULLER motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • • Trust only your BAUMULLER Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported BAUMULLER Servo Motor Manufacturers

  DS 45M65   DS 45S35
  DS 45S45   DS 45S65
  DS 56A25   DS 56A35
  DS 56A45   DS 56A65
  DS 56B25   DS 56B35
  DS 56B45   DS 56B65
  DS 56L25   DS 56L35
  DS 56L45   DS 56L65
  DS 56M25   DS 56M35
  DS 56M45   DS 56M65
  DS 56S25   DS 56S35
  DS 56S45   DS 56S65
  DS 71B25   DS 71B35
  DS 71B45   DS 71B65
  DS 71C25   DS 71C35
  DS 71C45   DS 71C65
  DS 71K25   DS 71K35
  DS 71K45   DS 71K65
  DS 71M25   DS 71M35
  DS 71M45   DS 71M65
  DS 71S25   DS 71S35
  DS 71S45   DS 71S65
  DSC045K64U20-5   DSC045K64U30-5
  DSC045K64U40-5   DSC045M64U20-5
  DSC045M64U30-5   DSC045M64U40-5
  DSC045S64U20-5   DSC045S64U30-5
  DSC045S64U40-5   DSC056K64U10-5
  DSC056K64U20-5   DSC056K64U30-5
  DSC056K64U40-5   DSC056M64U10-5
  DSC056M64U20-5   DSC056M64U30-5
  DSC056S64U10-5   DSC056S64U20-5
  DSC056S64U30-5   DSC056S64U40-5
  DSC071K64U10-5   DSC071K64U20-5
  DSC071K64U30-5   DSC071K64U40-5
  DSC071M64U10-5   DSC071M64U20-5
  DSC071M64U30-5   DSC071S64U10-5
  DSC071S64U20-5   DSC071S64U30-5
  DSC071S64U40-5   DSC100K64U10-5
  DSC100K64U20-5   DSC100K64U30-5
  DSC100M64U10-5   DSC100M64U20-5
  DSC100S64U10-5   DSC100S64U20-5
  DSD 028M65U45   DSD 028M65U60
  DSD 028S65U45   DSD 028S65U60
  DSD 036L65U45   DSD 036L65U60
  DSD 036M65U40   DSD 036M65U60
  DSD 036S65U40   DSD 036S65U60
  DSD 045L64U30   DSD 045L64U45
  DSD 045M64U30   DSD 045M64U45
  DSD 045S64U30   DSD 045S64U45
  DSD 056L54O20   DSD 056L54O30
  DSD 056L54O45   DSD 056L64U20
  DSD 056L64U30   DSD 056L64U45
  DSD 056M4O20   DSD 056M54O30
  DSD 056M54O45   DSD 056M64U20
  DSD 056M64U30   DSD 056M64U45
  DSD 056S54O20   DSD 056S54O30
  DSD 056S54O45   DSD 056S64U20
  DSD 056S64U30   DSD 056S64U45
  DSD 071L54O20   DSD 071L54O30
  DSD 071L54O45   DSD 071L64U20
  DSD 071L64U30   DSD 071L64U45
  DSD 071M54O20   DSD 071M54O30
  DSD 071M54O45   DSD 071M64U20
  DSD 071M64U30   DSD 071M64U45
  DSD 071S54O20   DSD 071S54O30
  DSD 071S54O45   DSD 071S64U20
  DSD 071S64U30   DSD 071S64U45
  DSD 100L64U12   DSD 100L64U20
  DSD 100L64U30   DSD 100M64U12
  DSD 100M64U20   DSD 100M64U30
  DSD 100M64U45   DSD 100S64U12
  DSD 100S64U20   DSD 100S64U30
  DSD 100S64U45   DSO 100K15
  DSO 100K25   DSO 100K35
  DSO 100K45   DSO 100K65

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