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ALLEN-BRADLEY Servo Motor Repair - ALLEN-BRADLEY Servo Repair

  • • Your ultimate destination to repair your ALLEN-BRADLEY Servo Motor
  • • 1 year in service warranty on your ALLEN-BRADLEY servo motor.
  • • Before releasing the ALLEN-BRADLEY motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • • Trust only your ALLEN-BRADLEY Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported ALLEN-BRADLEY Servo Motor Manufacturers

  1326ADK4F31E1   1326ADK5E11E1
  1326ASB310H21   1326ASB330H
  1326ASB330H21   1326ASB330H21K3
  1326ASB3330H   1326ASB420G21
  1326ASB420G21K4   1326ASB440G21
  1326ASB440G21K4   1326ASB460F21
  1326ASB460F21K4   1326ASB520F21
  1326ASB630F21   1326ASB660E21
  1326ASB860C21   1326DP-A4B
  1326DP-A4BA1   1326DP-C2BK1
  1326DP-I3D   1326DP-I3DA1
  1326DP-S1C   1326DP-S1CA2
  1326DP-S1CK2   1326DP-S2A
  1326DP-S2AA   1326DP-S2AB1
  1326DP-S2BA2FLN   1326DP-S2C
  1326DP-S2CA2   1326DP-S2CC1
  1326DP-S2CFN   1326DP-S4FG1
  1326DP-S5BA2   1326DP-S6AFLN
  1326DP-U1CG1   1326DP-U3C
  1326DP-W2A   1326DP-W3BB2
  1326DP54A1B   1326DPA4B
  1326DPE5CX037   1326DPI3DA1
  1326DPS1C   1326DPS1CK2
  1326DPS1CSC2   1326DPS2C
  1326DPT3D   1326DPT3DA1
  1326DPU1CG   1326DPW3BB2
  1326DS-L3DFLE1   1326DS-L4DFLE1
  1326AB-A10-11-C3-A4   1326AB-A1G-11
  1326AB-A2E-11   1326AB-A3E-11
  1326AB-A3E-11 PN 122245   1326ABA420E-21
  1326AB-B2E-11   1326AB-B2E-11-A5
  1326AB-B2E-11A-5   1326AB-B3C-11
  1326AB-B3E-11 P/N# 122250   1326AB-B410G-21 P/N# 155286
  1326AB-B410G-21-K4   1326AB-B410J-20
  1326AB-B420E-21-K4   1326AB-B420E-21-L PN 1638
  1326AB-B430E-21-K4 P/N: 155280   1326AB-B515E-21 PN 155323
  1326AB-B515E-21-K5   1326AB-B530E-21-K5
  1326AB-B530E-21-L   1326AB-B720E-21-K7
  1326AB-B720F-21-A7   1326AB-B730E-21-ML
  1326AB-B8E-11   1326AB-C2E-11
  1326AB-C3E-11   1326AB-C3E-11-2287B
  1326AB-C3E-11-3396C   1326AB-C4C-11
  1326AB-MOD-VC255   1326AD-K4F-11-11
  1326AD-K4F-11-I1   1326AS-B330-H21
  1326AS-B330H-21   1326AS-B330H-21-D00394
  1326-ASB330H21K3   1326AS-B330H-21-K3
  1326AS-B330H-21-P00394   1326AS-B440G-21
  1326AS-B690E-21-K6   1326AS-L2D-FL-E1
  1326-AVVE321   1326-B-B-4C-11
  1326-DPI3D-C1-L   1326-DPS1C
  1326DP-S1C-K2   1326-DPS2C
  1326-DPS4F   1326DPSIC
  1327AA-AB-07-B P/N# 122034   1327AA-AB-15-G
  133428   183-18-1257-OUT26698
  34-6133-3865   845H-SJDZ14DN42C
  845N-SJDN3CJ41   845N-SJHN4-CNY2
  845T-D253ECN-C   845T-DZ52ECG-C
  8500-A20-L1B   8500-B10-K1B
  8500-B1C-L1A   8500-B1C-L1B
  8500-B1D-L18N   8500-B1D-L1BN
  8500-B2C-K1A   8500-B2C-L1B
  8500-B36-K6B   8500-B3C-L1A
  8500-B3C-L1B   8720SM-011S1DBS3
  B-406-19-003   F40-300H00AA
  F4075RH00AA   FW0001?B-00479
  I-4030-0-H00AA   MPF-A4530K-MJ22A
  MPL-A320P-MJ22AA   MPL-A420P-SJ22AA
  MPL-A4530K-HJ24AA   MPL-B320P-HJ22AA
  MPL-B330P-HK24AA   MPL-B660F-SJ24AA
  N-5637-2-H00AA PN 193532   PNU111172
  W4030-M-H00AA   Y-1003-1-H00AA P/N: 193511
  Y-2012-2-H04AA P/N# 193522   1326AB-B2E-11-2287B
  1326AB-B2E-11-3396C   1326AB-B2E-11-X005
  1326AB-B3E-11   1326AB-B3E-11-3396C

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