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Industrial Automation Repair is a leading Servo Motor Repair company in USA and Canada with state of the art servo repair facility. Industrial Automation Repair has certified Servo Motor Technicians of all manufacturers to Repair your Servo Motor . Industrial Automation Repair has specialized in Servo Drive Repair, Servo Motor Repair and electronics repair. Industrial Automation Repair Inc has knowledge and 150 years combined experience to provide our customers highest quality services. Industrial Automation Repair Inc has complete testing set up for most common and very complex servo drives with matching servo motors.

  1. Free Estimates - No Surprises (Free Shipping for Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Concord, Scarborough customers.)
  2. 24 Hours call center to repair your servo motors.
  3. IAR has a large stock of spare parts for all major Siemens servo Motors, Resolver, Encoders and Connectors.
  4. State of art Testing Facility.
  5. All work is done in house.

Supported DANFOSS Industrial Electronics Manufacturers

  100100   100300
  100303   100310
  100312   100316
  150300   150303
  150304   150310
  150312   150313
  150314   150316
  174B3071   175B6400
  175F0003   175F0004
  175F0015   175F0016
  175F0053   175F0061
  175F0293   175F0490
  175F3020   175G2090
  175H2909   175H7375
  175H7383   175H7391
  175H8856   175H8858
  175H9087   175H9088
  175L1001   175L1501
  175L1503   175L3715
  175Z0016   175Z0022
  175Z0026   175Z0034
  175Z0035   175Z0040
  175Z0043   175Z0046
  175Z0047   175Z0053
  175Z0054   175Z0055
  175Z0057   175Z0058
  175Z0059   175Z0061
  175Z0064   175Z0065
  175Z0067   175Z0070
  175Z0071   175Z0072
  175Z0073   175Z0076
  175Z0077   175Z0095
  175Z0096   175Z0119
  175Z0131   175Z0137
  175Z0149   175Z0155
  175Z0156   175Z0161
  175Z0233   175Z0257
  175Z0259   175Z0269
  175Z0293   175Z0294
  175Z0305   175Z0306
  175Z0317   175Z0318
  175Z0533   175Z0539
  175Z0548   175Z0551
  175Z0557   175Z0562
  175Z0563   175Z0569
  175Z0574   175Z0575
  175Z4024   175Z4096
  175Z4097   175Z4099
  175Z4102   175Z4107
  175Z4114   175Z4116
  175Z4117   175Z4120
  175Z4124   175Z4132
  175Z4138   175Z4150
  175Z4156   175Z4168
  175Z4175   175Z4187
  175Z4189   175Z4190
  175Z4192   175Z4193
  175Z4194   175Z4196
  175Z4299   175Z7033
  175Z7034   175Z7058
  175Z7059   175Z7282
  175Z7284   175Z7285
  175Z7286   175Z7289
  175Z7366   175Z7440
  175Z7442   176B1111
  176B1112   176F0007
  176F0053   176F0082
  176F0436   176F0460
  176F0466   176F0472
  176F0478   176F0480
  176F0496   176F0502
  176F0538   176F0544
  176F0556   176F0562
  176F0563   176F0874
  176F0880   176F0882

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