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Industrial Automation Repair is a leading Servo Motor Repair company in USA and Canada with state of the art servo repair facility. Industrial Automation Repair has certified Servo Motor Technicians of all manufacturers to Repair your Servo Motor . Industrial Automation Repair has specialized in Servo Drive Repair, Servo Motor Repair and electronics repair. Industrial Automation Repair Inc has knowledge and 150 years combined experience to provide our customers highest quality services. Industrial Automation Repair Inc has complete testing set up for most common and very complex servo drives with matching servo motors.

  1. Free Estimates - No Surprises (Free Shipping for Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Concord, Scarborough customers.)
  2. 24 Hours call center to repair your servo motors.
  3. IAR has a large stock of spare parts for all major Siemens servo Motors, Resolver, Encoders and Connectors.
  4. State of art Testing Facility.
  5. All work is done in house.

Supported ALLEN-BRADLEY Industrial Electronics Manufacturers

  160BMB1   160BA10NSF1
  160BA10NPS1AF   160BA06RSF1
  160BA06PSF1   160BA06NSF1P1
  160BA06NSF1   160BA04PS1ASDSP1C
  160BA04NSF1P1C   160BA04NSF1P1
  160BA04NSF1   160BA03PS1AFDSP1Ct
  160BA03PS1AFDN2CDS   160BA01NSF1P1C
  160BA01NSF1C   160AA04NPS1P1A
  1395AR1AA010BA1CB1   1392B50RGMCAD1F1F4
  1392B150RLMCWA   1392B150RLMCt
  1392B150RLMCD2F4   1392B150RLMCC2F3AF1
  1392B150RLMCAD1F1F4   1392B150RLMCAD1
  1392B150RLMC   1392B100RKMCC2AF1F3
  1392B100RKMCBF2D1   1392B100RKMCBF2
  1392B100RKMCBC2F2F3   1392B100RKMCAC2D1
  1392B100RKMC   1392B100RDMCABD1
  1392B075RLMCB   1392B075RHMCBD1F2F
  1392B075RHMCBC2D1F2   1392B075RHMCAF1
  1392B075RHMCAD1F1F4   1392B075RHDGAF1
  1392B050RGMCWA   1392B050RGMCD2
  1392B050RGMCAD1F1F   1392B050RGMCA
  1392B050RGMC   1392B040RFMCBD1
  1392B040RFMCAF1D1F4   1392B040RFMCAF1
  1392B040RFMCA   1392B040RFMC
  1392B030RFMCBF2   1392B030RFMCBD1
  1392B030RFMCAF1H   1392B030RFMCAF1
  1392AOA040AC1DF   1392AOA040
  1392A150REMCH   1392A150REMC
  1392A150RDMMAF1   1392A100RDMMAF1
  1392A100RDMCD1F4   1392A100RDMCBF2
  1392A100RDMCAF1   1392A100RDMCAD1F1F4
  1392A100RDMC   1392A100AF1MCRD
  1392A075RCMCBDC1   1392A075RCMCAF1D1F4
  1392A075RCMCAF1D1   1392A075RCAD1F1F4
  1392A050RBMCC1   1392A050RBMCBF2
  1392A050RBMCBC2F2F3   1392A050RBMCBC1F2F3
  1392A050RBMCBC1   1392A050RBMCB
  1392A050RBMCAF1   1392A040RAMCBD1F2
  136SB500ANENC   1361D06171019
  1361D06137   1361D061210
  1361D061   1361D060179
  1361D05717   1361D05716
  1361D057   1351VMB
  1351TMBR3   1351ROB
  1351QOB   1351NOB
  1341XPPGSM   1341XPPGLG
  1341SJOB   1341MBABH1
  1341118605a   1340XXX106
  1340TR6400JAA   1340TR6050COA
  1340TR6050CJA   1340TR3050U
  1340TR3030UDP   1340TR3030U
  1340TR3030BOT   1340TR3030BAT
  1336VTBI25EOTFA   1336VTB250EOWSI
  1336VTB250EOWS1   1336VTB250EOWL3
  1336VTB250EOWL2   1336VTB250EOWL1
  1336VTB250EOWFA   1336VTB250EOW1
  1336VTB250EOW   1336VTB250EAWSI
  1336VTB250EAWS1   1336VTB250EAWL3
  1336VTB250EAWL21   1336VTB250EAWL2
  1336VTB250EAWL1   1336VTB250EAWFA
  1336VTB250EAW   1336VTB250E
  1336VTB200EOWSI   1336VTB200EOWS1
  1336VTB200EOWL3   1336VTB200EOWL2
  1336VTB200EOWL1   1336VTB200EOWFA
  1336VTB200EOW   1336VTB200EAWS1
  1336VTB200EAWS   1336VTB200EAWL3
  1336VTB200EAWL2   1336VTB200EAWL1
  1336VTB200EAWFA   1336VTB200EAW
  1336VTB200E   1336VTB1OOEOTS1

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